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Lucario used Swallow whole! (Part 2) by Griff Beeks

Lucario used Swallow whole! (Part 2)

Griff Beeks

24 May 2015 at 13:28:20 MDT

Alas it seems poor Griff failed to get Addy back into his pokeball. He didn't have enough badges to be a proper Pokemon trainer, so instead he's been reduced to Pokemon food. Oh well, maybe Addy will be nice and let him out...If not, Then i suppose let this me a message to all trainers! Make sure you have all your badges! Or else your first mistake could be your last!

Adrian used Digest!

Griff uses Gurgle... It was super effective!

Adrian has fallen asleep!

Art is by ©   Vvitch

Griff Beeks © Me

Adrian Lucario is ©   AdrianDrago