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Lucario used Bind! (Part 1) by Griff Beeks

Lucario used Bind! (Part 1)

Griff Beeks

24 May 2015 at 13:27:49 MDT

So, Employing a lot of, pleasurable distractions, and a bit of dumb luck. Griff managed to catch his first Pokemon using a timer ball. The Pokemon was a level 100 Lucario, named   AdrianDrago To bad he's missing the badge to let him control a lvl. 100... Looks like their first training session isn't going to well. While poor griff is trying desperately to get Addy back into his poke-ball, Addy is starting to look hungry

If you don't see it hit f5!

Art is by ©   Vvitch

Griff Beeks © Me

Adrian Lucario is ©   AdrianDrago