Another adventurer's end... by Griff Beeks

Another adventurer's end...

Griff Beeks

23 May 2015 at 02:33:05 MDT

Ok! So this piece of a total surprise to me! It was a gift from my awesome friend   MilesZelos Drawn by the amazing   Myrmidon Thanks very much both of you i love this! <3 It's amazing isn't it? I was so happy to receive it <3

The Story:

As a curious Kitsune Griff loves to explore, this particular case of urban exploring little did he know would turn out to be his last adventure! Curiosity Killed the kitsune...or in this case got him digested~ While exploring an abandon lab Griff had the fortune of running into Napalm...who just so happen to have been made in said lab, as it appears, the poor (or lucky ^_~) Kitsune meets a very gooey gurgley End... Game over~<3