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Fifi, my fabulous Fiesta by Grey t' Floydian Sergal

Fifi, my fabulous Fiesta

Grey t' Floydian Sergal

1 April 2015 at 06:23:17 MDT

This is Fifi, she's my 1988 Mk2 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus.
She has a Kent derived engine known as the Valencia. That's 1117cc capacity with an amazing 50bhp! Oh what? Thought all classic cars had to be V8 engined & cost more than a mansion? Well Fifi girl is the most treasured thing I have, she's got such a personality, bombing along at 60 is when she feels happiest. Fun to drive, cheap to fuel & everywhere I go, people look & when I stop, people come over & say "My nan used to have one of these!". Now THAT is a classic.

This was a photograph taken shortly before I moved to the Midlands, Fifi girl needs a little work now. She's had the sills undersealed & those need painting to body colour, the front valance is chipped to buggery so needs new paint, Brake master cylinder leaks fluid so that's going to be fitted when it arrives & the tracking's out on the front

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