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Aquatic Hazards Part 3 by GreyofPTA

Aquatic Hazards Part 3


5 August 2015 at 11:52:11 MDT

Part 1-->
Part 2-->
He may look happy now, but he'll never get the deposit back for that suit.

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    Hubba to the hubba!


    '-(Continued from side A) at this point you will want to reach the surface in as prompt a manner as possible, since you may find yourself having difficulty breathing underwater. Upon breaching the surface if you have not already passed out, you will find yourself in possession of an extremely handy floating instrument that used to be a sea creature formidable enough to attack you in spite of your unappealing appearance (This manual would like to point out that it regards your appeal as predatory fodder when it makes the assumption about your appearance being unappealing. If this is offensive to you, please turn to page 16 and look up the Vorephiles Anonymous hotline number). Your aquatic assailant will make a servicable enough life raft to make your way back to your boat, at which point you may consult the list of balloon vendors enclosed at the end of this manual to make way towards paying for the damaged pressure suit. If you are having an ethical dilemma about selling a creature off as a balloon, this manual would like you to consider that in all likelihood, the creature both deserves it and is probably too lacking in intelligence to live in the ocean for much longer anyway. This way it can at least turn an honest day's work rather than going around eating people wearing state of the art pressure suits.' -Excerpt from the instruction manual of the Galo-Class pressure suit.

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    Hahaha nice! :D This came out so good! :3