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Similiar Primitive call character by Greyfeather (critique requested)

Similiar Primitive call character (critique requested)


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    Hey, I saw you wanted some critique :3
    I see your lines are a sometimes not so straight, I recommend using a tablet.
    Also using photoshop for making lines is sometimes not a good idea.
    I recommend using Painttool SAI, it has a stabiliser which helps you draw very smooth lines! :)

    As for the coloring, I would try to learn shading.
    It makes it look more like 3D you know?
    Also i recommend doing this in painttool SAI.
    Your anatomy looks fine to me!

    I hope this helps you a bit :) Message me for more information

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      Thank you very much, but about the tablet I most likely won't get one for a very long time, seeing as how I do not have the money for it, also, I try using painttool SAI but I just can't get back into it, I just got so used to adobe.

      Also, I do use shading, I just didn't want to put too much effort into it.

      Anyways, thank you a ton for helping me improve in the future.

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        Ah it took me a while to get used to SAI too. But it's all I use right now ^w^

        No problem, if you need any help in the future you can always ask me stuff ^^

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          Ah thanks, I appreciate it greatly.

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    Helloo, as for a critic I'd say pretty much what Greyfeather did, but also some anatomy tips!

    The farthest back leg is a little bit to high, as well as forward; this makes it look smaller than it should be. A great way to stop that from happening is to think of the animal in a 3d space. You can draw lines from the front legs to the back and connect them... if the ensuing rectangle looks too irregular than a leg isn't drawn in the right area!

    Also, the snout is a little bit too slanted on the bottom. In terms of anatomy, a dog's jaw needs room to house the tongue, gum ridges as well as all the teeth! So if you look at a jaw and think "how does all those teeth fit in there?!" than it's probably too small :)

    Hope this helps!