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Commission Sheet 2.0! by Gregarity

Commission Sheet 2.0!


22 December 2015 at 10:32:35 MST

my old sheet needed a lot of rebooting so i figured i might as well get that outta the way now! this ones much nicer to look at too imo

LINELESS 1: essentially, this commission is made to look like a scrapbook/paper cut-out, without the scrapbook or paper. static textures and drop shadow for the various layers are completely free! i have a small library of textures to choose from already, but feel free to send me the .jpeg or .png files for ones you wanna see in your picture!

REFERENCE SHEET: in case further explanation is wanted, a full commission sheet similar to my sona's current iteration is as simple as taking the style you want it done in and adding 25 bucks, which gets you fullbody, the behind view (counting as a second character), and a funky bg all in one package! we can discuss additional reference pieces you want (clothing, faces, etc) during the commission detail process

DEFINITION OF BASE: base is simply the bare bones of the style: bust-up perspective, no background, no bells or whistles attached

NSFW: since previous nsfw commissions have been going without much issue, i'm gonna go ahead and just say that yes, if you want to, i'll draw it (please also note the +10 addition for making your commission nsfw!). HOWEVER, please understand that i live in a household of mixed ages, so the process might take longer than other commissions, so i ask that you bare with me. i will NOT draw ferals, underage characters (under 18 years), lolita/shota, rape scenarios, or most fetishes (see below) for any reason. if i am uncomfortable with a scenario you give me, i WILL let you know, and suggest either making amendments to your wording or just not commissioning. these previous points are NON-NEGOTIABLE.

FETISHES: clear with me immediately if the nsfw picture you want done will have significant kinks. there aren't that many i'll do, but discussion beforehand could lead to compromises we could both walk away happy from. i will NOT do extreme kinks.

TIME CONSTRAINTS: due to my schedule and the fact that I have to share a computer, will be going to college full time in the following months, and live in a mixed household, a commission may take upwards of two weeks to complete, depending on complexity. i will send you progress reports and JPEG images of the WIP every two days, but all i ask is that you are patient with me. PLEASE don't be afraid to nudge me if i dont get you a progress report as planned!

PAYMENT: i can only do transactions over Paypal at this time (i will give you my email during the detail process). please send payments as either invoices or business transactions.

COMMUNICATION: as stated, discussing commission details over skype is the ideal for me, however i can understand the hesitation of giving contact information to a stranger, so DON'T feel bad asking if using any other medium of discussion if that would make you more comfortable! i like to pride myself in thinking that i let my commissioners stay hands-on during the development process, and i will be coming to you often with questions and suggestions, but ultimately it is YOUR picture, so if you want something changed to better reflect the image you have in your mind, DON'T be afraid to speak up!

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: my commissions are open until i'm unable to take all of them on without compromising quality and time expectations. i will make some form of notice when such a threshhold is met.

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