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Request: GreenPunkEmoGirl (Remix) by GreenPunkEmoGirl

Request: GreenPunkEmoGirl (Remix)


Just nothing more than just a remix of an request i made to NinoSatori from a few years back, but with the redesigned Serafuku that i made from months ago.

Zoe Hirashima © GreenPunkEmoGirl

-UPDATE- 10/30/2015
Fixed the color on my eyebrows to match my hair color, enough said.

-UPDATE- 4/24/2016
Updated the Serafuku's Color scheme, and tweaked the sleeves of the uniform as well.

-UPDATE- 6/18/2016
So what can i say.. I might made a few tweaks to the skull earrings i'm wearing and finally added a pupil onto my eye's texture, as well as a seatbelt buckle belt.

-UPDATE- 12/31/2016
Added a very small mole onto her cheek, and tweaked her eyebrow shape. also switched out the watermark design.

-UPDATE- 7/4/2017
Another big overhaul character design update on her appearance, but only this time it'll be like this for good.
Other than that, i kinda deiced to switch out the diaper design to a similar design to Boxtrot's.

-UPDATE- 10/5/2017
Just a minor tweak to the deviation, but with the diaper design however is somewhat similar to Rhodolite's. as well as adding the missing watermark from the previous update.

-UPDATE- 3/16/2018

  • Altered the shape of the characters nose

-UPDATE- 3/16/2018

  • Tweaked the hand pose on the right arm, and tilted slightly.

-UPDATE- 10/25/2018

  • Updated on the overall look on the characters legs

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