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29 April 2014 at 14:36:10 MDT

karpour ponders kiki's whereabouts.

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    Do enjoy, and your use of color is sweet. :>

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    Very dynamic! I love the shading on the zebra, too. also, when did your signature change? I don't remember there being quite so much filigree swirliness.

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      I had an assignment to develop a "monogram" for a class I had a few years ago, and I liked the result, or at least the base design (the final rendering was hideous). I use the signature approximately whenever I feel like using it. I may have avoided it because I planned to drop the section-beginning-with-p from my name. When I do not think of that, I am more inclined to use the signature.

      this may be one of the earliest uses

      here is another option

      Of course I do not necessarily want the B or C either.

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        I'm familiar with the signature in the second picture, but the first one I missed somehow.

        Maybe you could come up with a pseudonym that uses those three letters, like Buttered Peanut Crumbs?

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          Usually I draw the signature with my mouse, and it comes across more orderly. It may stand out more, this way with the wackem pen.

          I have a pronounced dislike for seeing the middle name abbreviated P. between the other two names spelled out. The organizations which do this cannot be reached or reasoned with, and I expect they would continue no matter how unconventional the other two names were. The P has to go if for no other reason than to help me get past that.

          I did not acknowledge your remark on the shading; I noticed that most of my favorite older pictures were shaded but not blended. Maybe I give in to that urge too easily. For a while it seemed like people liked it better, but I was uncertain if the pictures were truly better. Maybe I used it at times when it was not called for, or began the process without adequate preparation. I need to take control of my methods soon, like the name. I might need to use more familiar subject matter to know for certain if this is a success, however; I do not know what to trust.

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    Oh! That's awesome! :D

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      Oh! Thank you! I worried they looked too much the references.

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        Too much LIKE the references. Great gimpity I should worry about my English.