barley an accomplishment by Grebij

barley an accomplishment


11 January 2017 at 18:40:06 MST

commission drawing of a suspicious lizard named Barley in a ocean-side environment for pinderhooks

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    I'm sure that shark is just trying to be friendly!

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      Absolutely! It does appear to be smiling.

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    I love the environment and pose <3 The texture you gave her skin is awesome as well :D And it's great when natural rock formations in water give you a separate surface to rest your feet.

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      Pardon, but I think you ought to direct your comment to Grebij, who is the actual artist of this piece. I just commissioned it!

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        But, I sent this comment to them, I see their name right there as this being their gallery, not your account o:

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          Ahhh, whoops, my mistake! But for some reason I received your comment notice in my inbox. It must have something to do with the "collections" feature of this site. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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            This is a silly website!

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      Thank you! I have been trying to use more challenging poses lately, and am glad if anybody thinks I did well with them! The scale texture is primarily light dots over a dark base color. I am surprised how well it can work. And rocks are always fun.