come mish with me by Grebij

come mish with me


25 June 2016 at 01:28:47 MDT

I have not had a "chart" in a few years and I get the impression those are preferable to long heaps of information. With that said, here comes a long heap of information:

Send an inquiry through the note system or my email address
yirzod in skype and frabaginarf in telegram can also be contacted.

Values are in United $tate$ Dollar$

I prefer visual references. I can work from text, provided it is as to-the-point as possible. Literature is, sadly, lost on me. I write considerably more than I read!

After agreeing to a commission , I will send minimally detailed sketches (except when I specifically say I won't) for the buyer ("you") to choose or request alterations on one or more of. If you are pedantic about poses (I am pedantic about poses) please suggest one in advance.

Only after you approve a sketch will I request payment.
Please provide me with your pay-pay address so I can send an invoice. is mine. You are free to "tip" following the invoice but please do not pay before I have drawn anything.
I also accept dwolla and skrill, whatever the frimp those are.

I greatly dislike genitalia and can only stand to draw it verbatim off of nude models in strictly non-sexual contexts, which is not much use here.
With that said, characters are welcome to wear pants.

Thank to
beepy relaxingdragon kotel fairyartery lambduh

for unwittingly providing their characters for this.
(in order of appearance top to bottom, left to right) for unknowingly lending their characters to this. I should clarify perhaps that not all were commissions!


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