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Spring Kiobun Batch (OPEN) by GreaserDemon

Spring Kiobun Batch (OPEN)


I’m a month late with these since I was picked as guest artist for kiobuns, but hEY I finally finished them.
They are nyp (name your price) because I don't know how to price them.

♦♦ EDIT: Changed them to set prices for 35€ (EUR) each!

~For an extra 10€ I will draw a mini crayon cheeb of them (Style 1)
Examples: Link | Link

  • Spring Candy: OPEN
  • Cactus Terrarium: OPEN
  • Star Elixer: OPEN

Kiobuns Closed Species belong to Bme-Cutesyart
Artwork & Designs by GreaserDemon
[Kiobun TOS] [My TOS]