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Golden Stellar Cake [Custom Teacup Cinnadog] by GreaserDemon

Golden Stellar Cake [Custom Teacup Cinnadog]


Common Teacup Cinnadog Custom for KeysToTheStars from Grassstrand ~! (both from DeviantArt)

Whats a teacup Cinnadog?
A subspecies of cinnadogs that are only quadrupedal and are 'teacup-sized'.
Here is what a regular cinnadog typically looks like:

[All Common Traits]
-Theme: Golden Stellar Cake
-Traits: Mixed Ears / Donut Tail

Species Group: Band-Of-Butts
Artwork/Design by GreaserDemon
Character belongs to KeysToTheStars (from DeviantArt)

-Artwork for their use and reposting only!
Cinnadogs Closed Species belong to Lesboys (from DeviantArt)