[CLOSED] Mini EmoDog Batch 5 by GreaserDemon

[CLOSED] Mini EmoDog Batch 5


11 September 2019 at 11:47:29 MDT

Early batch! The funds from this batch will be going to a good friend of mine !
Paypal only! (Unless you're buying on deviantart, then you can pay in DA points if you want)

1. Rocket Girl: CLOSED (on DA)
2. Cyber Love: CLOSED (on DA)
3. Chrysoprase Shimmer: CLOSED (on DA)
4. Ember Woods: CLOSED (on DA)
5. Hell's Pit: CLOSED (on DA)
6. Diamond Punk: CLOSED (on DA)

[Purchasable Extras]
+$15.00 [USD] for an extra clean-sketched
flat full body anthro (SD-Chibi Style) of them!
(normally someting like this would cost around $20-$25 USD)
*I have no example for these! These are experimental !

My Base: Mini Emo Dog Base [P2U]
Artwork/Base/Designs © GreaserDemon