Snow Monster Holidayz [YCH] by GreaserDemon

Snow Monster Holidayz [YCH]


10 January 2019 at 02:53:01 MST

Holiday Hat Cinnadog Pixel Icon Ych For luvcat123 [from deviantart]

The original ych can be found here:

Cinnadog Holiday Hat Ych [RE-OPENED]
(Yes this ych is available for normal canine characters or canine-looking characters
bears are also accepted since Cinnadogs anyways are dog-bear-ish.
Note me if interested in buying one! They are $8 usd base-price,
price increases based on character design difficulty.

Artwork © GreaserDemon
Character belongs to luvcat123 @ DA
Cinnadogs Closed Species © Lesboys @ DA

> Species Group: