Graveyard Zombie [MYO - TRADE] by GreaserDemon

Graveyard Zombie [MYO - TRADE]


20 May 2018 at 03:14:24 MDT

Design trade with MoonlightMassacres from deviantART!
Designed their MYO for non-species designs in return, this is not a custom!

Theme: Graveyard Zombie Cake
Traits: Horns(rare), Skeletal Parts (rare), Bent Ears, S Tail

Artwork/Design by GreaserDemon
Character belongs to MoonlightMassacres @ DA
Cinnadogs Closed Species © Cinnabutt @ DA
-Do not use/repost/copy/edit/steal etc.,
for MoonlightMassacres 's use only!