Maxwell Horacio Blackburnadeaux by Gratitude-Advocate

Maxwell Horacio Blackburnadeaux


18 November 2014 at 17:22:20 MST

He's your friend, foe, desire; an anthropomorphic musician born to live hard, rock harder and die very loud. He's a rehabilitated junkie with the scars and the eye-patch to prove his past involvement with Methamphetamine brewing. He's a German Shepherd/Raccoon hybrid mix because his parents were wed and eloped during discriminating times, similar to what most interracial-marriage offspring endure during the course of their lives. He's an advocate for good times all around and a horny-ass over-flirtatious goddamned mad homicidal maniac.

But we still love the ol' coon-dog!

Artwork ©  skidt
Maxwell Horacio Blackburnadeaux ©   gratitude-advocate

Labeled "Mature" because that isn't tobacco in the coon-dog's mouth... dat'dere is in fact a doobie tucked between his smoking-hot canine lips ;3