Strings of Life - Harp Edition by Grandvision

Strings of Life - Harp Edition

Strings of Life - Harp Edition


31 January 2015 at 00:53:21 MST

Well this was unexpected. I was going through my numerous unfinished and finished compositions, when this piano improvisation, which can be found here - Strings of Life got stuck in my head for some reason, and I really badly wanted to make a harp edition of it, while keeping the underlying piano melody. It also includes some minor glockenspiels, and two revised parts, as you will hear.

I could have went even more crazy with the harp, changing its play style with the samples I have, articulations and such, but it's so tedious when doing it in FL Studio manually, literally endless hours of editing.

As always, thank you for listening and if you'd like, leave a review as I love reading them. :)

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    This piece goes through a nice variety of moods, I love the mysterious piano parts the best :)
    I'll admit, I think I like the piano version better, but I may be biased. I think everything sounds better with piano :P

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      Piano is a well versed, universal instrument that can fit pretty much with any other instrument. The problem with this track is the harp used from East West isn't that good in its note variation and realistic velocity changes.