The Queen and the Captain by GraceTheGoldenFurred

The Queen and the Captain


21 May 2017 at 19:13:09 MDT


A cute and mushy lil moment between Grace and her beautiful wolfy girlfriend Bleu. That they're actually together, and in fact in a loving trio with their beautiful bunny girlfriend Fiachra, is something that amazes Grace to this day. She still can't quite believe that anyone would take her not only into their bed but into their heart. But I guess even a whore can find love.

While I don't think I'll ever get tired of commissioning smut of my sexy little vixen, I've kind of been in the mood to start focusing a bit more on other aspects of her life as well. So except to see some mushy stuff sprinkled in here and there, and maybe some more of Grace's adventures outside of the bedroom as well.

Art belongs to the amazingly talented zoey03
Her post:

Captain Alexandria Bleu belongs to meganbryar
Her post:

Queen Grace XIII the Golden Furred belongs to me.


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    Grace's outfit is just too adorable. :)

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      Oh gosh, thank you! It was partly planned and partly just luck, but I really adore this look for her and I'm so happy you like it, too!