She's Her Mother's Child by GraceTheGoldenFurred

She's Her Mother's Child


7 March 2017 at 19:44:36 MST

Grace's pup's all grown up.

March 2nd is Jen's birthday, as well as the day I posted the very first pic of her two years ago, so I wanted a little something to celebrate both that and her relatively newly acquired adult form. Since Jen has become my official avatar, well, it seems that the girl has inherited at least part of her mother's curse after all. But that's okay. She rather likes having boobs!

So here's a cute little pic of Grace and Jen celebrating the big day, drinking scotch and, no doubt, flirting shamelessly with every cute girl who looks their way. Jen is her mother's daughter, after all!

Art belongs to the very sweet hinata2012
Her post:

Grace and Jen O'Malley are mine.


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    Hehe, oh my, the trouble they'll get into!