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Descent Into Madness - by WFA by GothSkunk

Descent Into Madness - by WFA


17 January 2014 at 12:29:39 MST

In hindsight, it was a terrible idea, having a marathon PC gaming session on Hallowe'en... especially with a chaotic thunderstorm raging outside my condo windows. But in my naive sense of personal invincibility I thought I was safe, safe within the walls of my house, the one place where I was king, in control of everything.

Something terrible happened that night... I'm not sure entirely what it was, but I think the building was struck by lightning... I don't remember much... I just remember a great flash of white light, a deafening crash that filled my ears from both outside and in... my hands felt like they had been lit on fire and every part of my body just locked up and seized!

It was over in an instant, but the intense light had burned itself into my eyes even though I felt them close... I couldn't move... I could only stare out into an open, empty void as the light slowly faded from sight.... I don't remember anything else after that point... I just remember waking up.

And when I awoke, there was still nothing... a great black void surrounded me, to the left, the right, above, and below. Yet somewhere there was light, for I could look down and see my hands and the rest of me. I was laying upon no surface, yet I could push myself up to my feet and stand. I spun around, only to find no change in my environment. I turned and looked and looked and turned... soon I had forgotten which orientation I started in.

"Hello?" I called out... but nothing, no one responded. Wherever I was, the sound was muffled. The air was stale and smelled of freshly destroyed electronic components. The smell was thick enough to cut with a knife! Yet there was no dust, no dirt... just a great, empty void drowning out the sound of my voice beyond ten feet in front of my face. Again and again I called...

And then the laughter started...

At first it was very faint, behind me. I spun around, and what I saw sent my heart jumping up into my throat! Two green eyes, two evil, glowing green eyes were staring at me. Another laugh, again behind me... I spun around again... two more pairs of eyes! More laughter, more eyes, emerging from just out of my direct line of sight... the laughter was that of a woman, but not just any woman, a mad woman, and for each pair of eyes there seemed to be a voice accompanying them.

My breath quivered and my heart begin to race, I started backing away from the multitude of eyes, but they just kept appearing... and the laughter, taunting me, mocking my futility.

"Get away from me!" I cried! "Get away from me!" but it was no use. Whatever was hunting me in this void was not afraid of me, and it was clear to any simpleton just how terrified I was. Sweat began to form upon my forehead and my hands clenched into fists...

That's when I felt her touch. Upon my shoulders, large and powerful, her hands gripped me firmly, but with gentle care, like a cat choosing to play with the mouse she's caught before devouring it. I froze in place.

"There, there now... Don't be afraid, little skunk. You've nothing at all to fear. It'll be all right. I promise." the woman behind falsely claimed. She had the voice of a witch, gravelly and vile... it tainted my ears and sent shivers down my spine.

The laughter grew louder and louder, and the multitude of glowing green eyes drew nearer. Soon, they got close enough to cast enough light upon themselves that I could see them for what they were... masks... dozens of floating masks, all bearing a visage borne of pure evil and malice!

"No... no! Stop! Let me go!" I demanded, though the terror in my voice betrayed just how little a threat I was. The woman's hands on my shoulders tightened their grip.

"Ooooh, we've got a struggler!" she taunted behind me, "There really is no hope for you, darling. You might as well just give up... but it's much more fun if you squirrrrm!" then she clenched her hands around my shoulders and held me firmly in place and let out the most sinister, evil laugh I had ever heard! The masks all then rushed towards me, falling upon me! I could feel their teeth tearing at me, sending searing pain through my chest! I screamed!

And then...


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