A lot of doodles by Goronic

A lot of doodles


28 June 2017 at 01:18:22 MDT

  1. Weird experimental Max.
  2. Goblin dude with matching briefs and shoes.
  3. Mrs. Goblin doesn't approve of her nephew's outfit.
  4. Buff Max.
  5. Jet as a goat. Because someone compared him to a goat.
  6. Bubblegum Fox with matching shoes and underwear.
  7. Goblin Dude in the morning.
  8. I had a bad allergic reaction a few weeks ago. My face looked kinda like this, but not an otter.
  9. Dizzy Wheeler.
  10. This is Jebby. He's a weird stretchy-armed martian hillbilly version of Jet from late 2009.
  11. Human Jet.
  12. Don't be Goblin Dude's roommate. His lantern will keep you awake all night.
  13. Monsters made by amateur sorcerers weren't always as well crafted as Jet and Wheeler...
  14. Some sort of mix of Homestar Runner and my goblin dude. They both have underbites. IDK.
  15. Monster Dad Cole doesn't understand our young people fashions. :C
  16. Shy monster Wheeler is embarrassed our young people fashions. D:
  17. Purple Goat has been working out since I stopped drawing him! (Nah, he's just a good base for experimenting on.)
  18. Purple goat looking slightly different from usual. (People still compare him to someone else's character though. oHo)
  19. Two versions of my old 'sona, Znork the Pigthing.
  20. Jet with long pants. He wears 'em sometimes.