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Spook Head Refurb by GoldenManeMascoting

Spook Head Refurb


Spook came back to us not looking so hot, so we took him in and did all of the edits on our dollar. We felt it was only right. His eyes were damaged from water, his ears were coming away from his head, and his nose was nearly off!

We took him in, put those ears on tighter, gave him some brand spankin' new eyes, and changed the style of his nose! In the event of learning that Joann's gold fabric fades with washes, we gave him a spare set of gold teeth, and his sister got a spare set of teeth along with two beautiful gold saber fangs.

We are striving for durable suits that are able to be completely cleaned! We are looking at Velcro eyes to attack this issue. Stick around and see what we come up with!

Our customers are what matter to us most. If something is wrong, we will fix it. If it is our fault, we will gladly pay for it.

Commissions open March 22nd, 2019. Keep an eye out!

Thanks for joining us.