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(Com) A Touch of Color by GoldenGriffiness (critique requested)

(Com) A Touch of Color (critique requested)


For Blue and Ori, on Discord.

This is a commission, so chances are I own none of the characters here.

If you are interested in a commission, you can find the prices here and you can contact me at my fan discord here.

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    This is really gorgeous, the rough painterly look to it and the blend of colours gives the whole piece a lot of feeling. <3

    I see you checked "critique requested" so I did notice one thing that struck me as possibly a little off. The underside of the red canine's paw we see, it looks like the big paw pad may be upside-down(?), since the cleft looks like it points towards the toes.

    (Do you mind if I ask what program you like to use? The soft look of those brushes is something I've been trying to replicate with Sai2 and haven't had any luck at all. No worries if you'd rather not / its your trade secret, I just figured no harm in asking. ^^; )

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      Thankyou very much!

      I'll make sure to grab a pad ref next time.

      It's clip studio paint. The brushes there are amazing!