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Well here I finally am! Well I mean I've already had an account I know never updated

YES this is Bubble_Kitten17 the same person on FA. I also have other websites to which I have art on so be sure to follow me there too~!

YES I do take commissions~♥

I take them via what slots are available and when I open them~♥

All the information you need is here---v


Fur Affinity ( Not used as much now )
Tumblr ( If anything happens picture wise it'll be here )

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Update on life

So just wanted to leave you all with an update on what's going on in my life so you all know. I've just been busy literally with the second part of my job. By that I mean I'm done with training and now I'm on my regular schedule...which is a bit more difficult to handle and deal with the schedule because during training I had the weekends on my schedule I only have weds and sats off which is nice but still hard to try to balance everything.

Also the fact that my life I'm still getting use to it as well since everything has happened. It's been difficult to try to get everything settled....I still have issues with my family, I know art wise I'm slowly fading away but trying to keep a handle on it....not to mention dealing with some personal demons....feeling them getting stronger each day.....all to push that aside forcefully whether I like it or not to deal with customers on the phone the next working day. It''s been a lot.

I'm trying to find someway to cope with all this and force myself into SOME type of pattern so I can get back to what I actually love. So again sorry for fact that I haven't done much of's just been's been very very hard....

so thank you for your patience while I get all this done.


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    Thanks for the fav ;)

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    sexy art i love it.

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    hugs thank you

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    Hello GoldenFeather! This is Mr. ZeroBaxe from the stream yesterday! How're you doing? =3

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    Your art has made me come over to this site.

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    hey there ^_^

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    Hi! ^^

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    Hello Bubble!! Glad we get to still see your artwork even of it is on another website