Fierce Fights on Boring Flights! by GoldenEmotions

Fierce Fights on Boring Flights!


4 March 2017 at 13:46:30 MST


A commission for blue443 and muffin (FA).
This was done in january already... Ooops, late with uploading. xD

Here's a small story to go along with! Written by Blue. :D

"Space is vast, even though Hyperdrive jumps let us travel across the galaxy in just a few months, travels between nearby solar systems can take days even weeks. during this time looking out the windows offers nothing but the void of hyperspace. what are two space travelers to do to pass the time? Card games! Despite the times of everything being tech, old fashion games still have a big popularity. Blue and his friend Brachmiros are in a very competitive game of Pokemon Trading Card game."