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It's-a-bootieful-world preview by GoblinHordeStudios

It's-a-bootieful-world preview


If its not one thing its the other, tried to finish up the goblins vs trolls round 4 pic but besides work yesterday, this morning my computer decided to be a jerk and its taken hours to get it to work again. not entirely sure whats up with it I think my hd port thingy is screwed up or something cause now my screen has a lower resolution now. saving all my recent stuff to google drive just encase I have to re install my operating system.

anyway before I go off to work "only for four hours today instead of 14 like yesterday" I wanted to give a preview of a big tribute picture I'm working on that has some of the characters that have been really helpful as anatomy references for drawing my character Lisa over the years. Originally was just going to be a sketch of :iconCarmessi:'s character Gala since that's really the one I go to most to observe big hip anatomy but I felt like doing more and started to draw :iconAnthro-anim:'s roo character Abigail, Will also include :iconscifijackrabbit:'s character minx and if I can fit her into it :iconShoNuff44:s character Squeak.

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