A gator in space by Goatlactic

A gator in space


18 December 2018 at 03:33:09 MST

Giftart I drew for Eligecos because I’ve wanted to draw Keel for years but wasn’t comfy enough with my ability to draw cartoony characters until recently.

Also featuring some stardogs which are my own original alien species.

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    Aww I really like the character's pose and expression here. And it's nice to see some stardogs again!

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      Thank you :D, I hope to keep drawing stardogs even as I kinda move away a bit from my old sci fi project (due to just not having the energy required to make a webcomic unfortunately, its fine though I have other story ideas that don't require as much intense dedication I can work on instead!).

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        Yeah I think it would be cool for you to repurpose stardogs and maybe other Entirety species even if you're not a position to work on the comic anymore. I still revisit my old characters and stories now and then, and it's always fun and nice to know they don't have to completely disappear just because they're not my main project anymore. =)

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          Yeah I definitely am going to reuse some of the designs in my new far less stressful project I have planned (which hopefully I'll be getting off the ground real soon). If you're wondering what my new project is its like going to be a monster collecting thing (think something like Pokemon and Digimon) for a game that doesn't exist. I'm going to try to come up with all the story and game mechanics it would have if it was real which it won't be because I haven't the patience to learn how to code lmao.

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            Ooh that sounds really cool. After all your experience with designing pokemon, digimon and similar things I'm sure you will do a great job with your new project! I used to come up with game designs all the time and it was always really fun, though I dropped off doing that in favour of more novel-style stories. I actually had a sort of Pokemon-like game design ages ago, and a lot of the ideas I had actually ended up in later Pokemon games. In like 2001 I even had an idea for an accessory that functioned very similarly to Pokemon Go. O_o

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              Ah I see. Yeah I've had situation happen like that too where I did kinda start on a vague monster project in the past then... something came out. For me it wasn't Pokemon Go but I wanted something cutesy like Pokemon but with a element of befriending monsters in battle rather than capturing them then... Yo-kai Watch came along and was essentially that lol. I have since changed me idea to be closer to confidants in Persona if you are at all familiar with how that works.