Entirety Species: Vu'pep by Goatlactic

Entirety Species: Vu'pep


9 April 2016 at 16:11:20 MDT

Wow I'm alive and drawing amazing. Actually I did draw other things lately just not stuff I posted here (one because its just modified artwork for a pet site and the other is mature stuff I'm not comfy posting publicly at the moment ._.). Anyway another round up species. Only 3 more after this.
The Vu'pep are a species of false mammals from Cellon and unsurprisingly are closely related to the local people species. They're actually the Kisob'ae's closing living relatives but they're not all that closely related on a common descent kinda way. Imagine if all primates except humans and marmosets went extinct and that's about what we have here.
Anyway as far as species goes Vu'pep are nearly limbless having only very small vestigial front limbs (with small poor developed scapula bones) under its fur and no back limbs or any type of notable pelvis. They technically have two tails that are actually places on top of each other (unlike the kisob'ae which radiate to the sides of each other). One tail is basically just a nub only slightly past their cloaca while the other is long and skinny and covered completely in fur.
Like kisob'ae they have white skin and scales but unlike them they do have natural face markings, usually they're orange though sometimes they can be more yellow or even red. Kisob'ae actually really like these things kinda like humans like cats so the face tattooing was inspired by the look of the vu'pep. Also like cats these aliens are actually super useful for eating small pest animals and insects. You see most vertebrate species on Cellon are massive so most things that eat little creepy crawlies are... well larger creepy crawlies. Vu'pep are arguably adorable puffy noodles that constrict bugs to death rather efficiently which make great companion animals and thus were rather useful during the early days of food storage for the kisob'ae.

Behavior wise they are pretty tame creatures, they are more a single owner kinda pet and tend to do best with a one or two people and will actively avoid anyone else. They mostly show aggressive through spitting and hissing rather than biting even though they can totally do that. Vu'pep are a pretty smart species able to figure out basic puzzles and even show signs of being able to count on a basic level. They aren't quite a species you can train for many tasks so the mila'aga kinda take up that niche.

Design wise I figured since I was trash and based an alien species loosely on nine-tailed foxes if only made sense a relative of there's would be based loosely on the Kuda-gitsune. Obviously like many contemporary depictions instead of just being a remarkably small fox its has a tube like body on top of being small.

So enjoy!

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    But furry sites like this are for posting mature-everything everywhere all the time! ... errr, I mean, he's a really cute squirrel! Not-a-squirrel? Not even good as a pet, awww... you are such a tease! :p

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      lol true. I'm very uh... self conscious about drawing adult content. I may eventually post it here and/or fur affinity. Actually they are good pets at least as long as you raise them from a young age since they attach only to one or two people usually.

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        I'm only self-conscious about posting adult content if the anatomy is wrong. hint: it's always wrong!

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          ;A; yeah! one reason I'm shy is because I'm not the best artist ever and probably drew some things wrong.

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    Ooh these are really cool, I like the resemblance they have to to Kisob'ae while still being very different. They make a lot of sense as a species the Kisob'ae would want to tame. Great work. =)