...And Lots of Poison Too by Glitter Spook

...And Lots of Poison Too

Glitter Spook

5 October 2018 at 04:51:08 MDT

Goretober/Kinktober Day 4: Poison and Uniform/Costume featuring Saturn

This one is very special to my heart. I've always wanted to draw in a toon style but was too scared to try. So I stuck to the same way of drawing, stuck in my little box, falling out of love with my art with no room for improvement and putting forth zero effort in my personal work. This is my first toon. I'm never looking back at my old style of drawing. I was so happy and confident drawing this, and hopefully it shows as well as the love I had with this piece. I haven't felt this good drawing in a very long time. My new toon style, that feels more like me and how I SHOULD have been drawing, is inspired by artists I look up to. My friends Kotilae and Ghostmotus and my art idol Vivziepop.

My art and character are not free to use.