Sleep well Pewdie by Glitterbaby Kitty

Sleep well Pewdie

Glitterbaby Kitty

10 October 2013 at 12:30:59 MDT

Finally got this done good god this took forever to get done x.x from doodling this in my sketch book from getting it lined or inked whichever you wanna call it same thing lol to getting the flat colors on it done and the shading which I thought was the fun part of this one since it turned out so well I think ^^ and then the background which I hated doing ugh hate doing backgrounds soo much sometimes...But it tunred out soo well so im happy

Anyhoo yeah this is a fanart I did for a youtuber I watch Pewdiepie he's sleeping on his buddy stephano's lap I really loved the way this turned out and the idea of them like this is soo cute and sweet I think

But yeah Im really proud of this fan art and glad to finally having it done

*Brofist to fellow bro's out there who are watching me here*

Stephano belongs to the Amnesia game makers

Pewdie belongs to himself of course lol

And the art work belongs to me glitterbabykitty

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