Mason baby kitty by Glitterbaby Kitty

Mason baby kitty

Glitterbaby Kitty

6 September 2013 at 14:11:48 MDT

Yes This is the guy side to Glitterbaby you all know and love what a difference huh? lol

I had his design in my head for a while now but was never able to draw him out myself yet and then one night discardednotes (FA) skype messaged me when firefly8083's was streaming and he said he would buy a chibi for me and I was shocked that he would do that for me again this is the third time now and im like o.o uhhh I really shouldnt >.>

But I went with it anyway since I needed a drawing to cheer me up that week since that week has been nothing but me being depressed or angry at myself So yeah Notes cheered me up last night by buying this chibi for me <3

I loved the way he turned out he's so sexy ;3 lol but yeah he's into guys but he's very picky plus I think he gets more girls falling for him more than the guys XD poor fella

So yeah He's has reverse colors since I thought that would be cute and I love his leopard spots even more so on his ears I thought that would be a cute idea And I was right ^^ plus his hair omg<333

I might add ear rings to him later on who knows also he sings which I think adds more hotness to him X3

But yeah Im taking too long with this lol Thank you soo much firefly8083 and discardednotes (FA) for this lovely chibi of mine<333

Male Glitterbaby Kitty belongs to me glitterbabykitty

Artwork belongs to firefly8083

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