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Love on a Plate [Part 1] by Glenn Lazarus

One day, in the land of Ivalice. A stout creature by the name of Montblanc, a moogle, was the head of his own clan. There had recently been a lack of members, some running off to join other clans, others leaving to live a milder life. So a calling had been sent out, "New Members Welcome!" the flyer said down at the local pubs. In the time the notice had been posted, only a handful decided that they had what it takes to join.

"Kupo, these new members look the part, we just need a few more. Kupo." Montblanc said to himself, and they sure did. Many having heard stories surrounding the clan and thus attracted many different races; all were quite qualified for joining. It would be on a fateful day that one in particular would join.

"Oh~ I just know I'm going to be late, kupo!" A moogle said, whose fur was cream with an outfit that matched accordingly. His outfit looked like a robe of sorts that a mage would wear, mainly being the color green. A worried look came upon his face, it was difficult to navigate the streets and find his bearing. Holding a copy of the notice in his hand, the moogle walked around in relation of the buildings trying to find the correct one.

"It's got to be around here somewhere, kupo" he said, ending it off with his races' trademark.

Eventually having finally found the place he was looking for. Looking at the door seemed grander than he initially imagined. Venturing to the entrance, the moogle was stopped by a guard that was standing outside; a rather tall and lean bangaa. The guard stopped him, "What business do you have here?" He asked. The moogle showed him the notice that he received from the pub and with that was granted entrance into the buildings halls. Gazing into the main halls of the guild were looking to be...a bit barren. Storing the notice away, the moogle began to wonder the halls in order to find someone that could help him. One room lead to searching for another, and another, all the while the fear of trespassing was starting to grow in the back of his mind.

The halls to him seemed so much bigger than they actually were, especially since his height. He had climbed the spiral stairs up, he looked around many corners and halls, went into places that he shouldn't have gone into and still could not find anyone that could help him. Heading back to the entrance discouraged, on his way back he happened to cross the path of the very individual he was seeking.

"Excuse me mister, could you help me with something, kupo" the kind moogle asked the other.

"Certainly, what can I help you with" Montblanc replied kindly back.

"I saw a notice down at a pub that the clan head here is looking for new members, kupo" he told him.

"That is true, we are looking for new members, kupo" he told the other moogle.

"Ah! Would that mean you know who the head here is?" Kupo?" the moogle eagerly asked.

"Of course, as I am the head of the guild. Kupo" Montblanc told the moogle with a warm smile and a nod.

The cream moogle blinked for a few seconds before it clicked, "You must be Montblanc!" he blurted out accidentally.

Montblanc chuckled before speaking, "You must be here to join as a member, unfortunately though we don't have any room left. Kupo".

The moogle frowned at the news, but felt compelled to ask "I see...well, I'm not too good at magick unfortunately. Kupo". The moogle had thought about saying something but paused.

"Do your talents lay in other areas?" Montblanc inquired, curious as he did not want to turn him down.

The moogle gulped hard, "M-My talents are in other areas in a sense...I may not be good at magick, but I am good at cooking. Kupo"

"Cooking?" Montblanc thought for a moment, it wasn't often one would see someone wanting to join but not for usual clan work. In fact, this was the first time he was approached by anyone wanting to join as a cook; it didn't sound like a terrible idea at all and came to a relatively quick solution. "I think you'll be a good fit here, kupo" Montblanc told the moogle, extending his hand out for a shake.

The moogle looked down at the gesture realizing what it meant. Not one to leave another hanging, the moogle grasped Montblancs hand and both shook.
"My name is Glenn sir" Glenn said to formally introduce himself to clan head. Montblanc nodded, "It's nice to meet you too Glenn, kupo" he added, giving a good look over the clans new...cook.

He certainly looked familiar, Glenn's hair reminded him of one of his brothers, Hurdy. "We'll have to introduce you to the rest of the clan, everyone is pretty nice so you should be fine, kupo". With that Montblanc proceeded to continue on with what he was doing prior. "What should I do in the meantime? Kupo?" Glenn asked as he turned to the moogle, to which he simply stated "You should meet some of the clan and introduce yourself, they won't bite" before turning back and continuing on.

Glenn smiled "I can't believe I got to meet him! Kupo!" the moogle thought to himself, having a time keeping his excitement in check. Gathering the courage, Glenn began introducing himself to various members.

"It's nice to meet you" he said to one hume.

"I'm glad to be aboard" he said to another.

"Thank you for welcoming me" he replied to a warm bangaa reception.

"You're too kind, kupo" he stated to a nu mou's hug.

That is what the moogle did for a better portion of the day, introducing himself to a majority of his new clan mates in different fashions. Wanting to leave a good impression, his warm smile helped him along the way. When the day started getting on, Glenn's thoughts turned to Montblanc, "Where could he be? Kupo?" he thought, looking around a broad area only to see him sitting at a table by himself. Pulling up a seat he wanted to talk more with his new boss.

"Montblanc? What are you doing sitting here? Kupo?" Glenn asked him, who turned to look at the newest recruit.

"Just relaxing" Montblanc told him, seeing the cream moogle's warm smile.

"I um...wanted to discuss with you about where I would cook, kupo" Glenn brought it up, it didn't seem like there was an area for such a thing.
"I've been thinking about that, kupo" Montblanc paused for a moment before continuing, "We do have an area that you can cook in, though most of the members have already gone to the pub. Some have decided to stay to give you're cooking a chance. Kupo"

Glenn nodded, "Thank you for the opportunity, I won't let you down" he told him, leaning back in his chair to let some of his tension disperse. It wasn't too long before a nu mou approached the table, which was then when Montblanc introduced the two.

"He'll show you where you can find the kitchen, he'll be your assistant as well to cook" he motioned, the nu mou nodded and ushered him to follow. Glenn nodded back and began to follow, noting that the fellow looked like he would be of great help, eventually leading him through in and out of halls before reaching the kitchen. While it looked basic, it was still nonetheless invaluable to Glenn. Giving a good search from top to bottom showed that he had just about everything he needed, though going through where the food was stored. Everything looked a bit low so with his assistant, Glenn traveled around to various areas outside the clan hall to gather the materials and supplies needed for the day's dinner. Upon returning, Glenn began to cook for the leader and his fellow clan mates.

For what seemed like a good while, he and his assistant were hard at work cooking various foods to meet the amount of individuals who was interested in his cooking. Filling not only the kitchen with a wonderful smell, but also the dining area to a lesser extent. It began to attract one by one, eventually those who stayed had filled the seats that they intended to taste. Their curiosity would not be teased for long as a cart or two appeared from the kitchen with various pots and pans of food on them, before stopping and grabbing plates and wares. Glenn began to put food on plates in an orderly fashion before serving them to individuals along with silverware, doing this many times for as many who were in attendance. As soon as Glenn spotted Montblanc he decided to deliver his food in person, loading up the plate he began walking over to him who looked like he liked the smell.

"I see that I've attracted your senses, kupo" Glenn jokingly said as he placed the plate down in the same fashion before putting down some silverware.

Montblanc looked over the room, seeing those who were eating and seeing that they were enjoying Glenn's food. The spread was rather simple: A burger with most of the trimmings, a baked potato cooked to perfection with a dollop of butter on top, to the side was greens, with some beer to help wash it down. When Montblanc looked over to his plate however, he could tell he was given more than everyone else. In fact, quite a bit more, at least twice as much with a tall glass of milk. Looking at the plate of food, the moogle gulped as he had never been given that much food before.
"You've been generous, kupo" Montblanc said, looking over at Glenn who was smiling to him.

"Since you're the leader, I wanted to give you a better taste, kupo" Glenn told him, who had a plate of his own, but with a similar amount of food himself.

He was the clan leader after all, though he would normally not eat this much food. Montblanc wanted to say something but Glenn's inviting presence decided that it was not worth the trouble. What harm would a little meal like this do? The moogle picked up the burger and took a bite out of it, the flavors danced around in his mouth; pub food didn't nearly taste as good as this. Montblanc let out a small squeak of a kupo, nearly forgetting that he was with company. During the meal, Montblanc had the opportunity to get to know the new member a bit better. Eating as they conversed, the burger going to the second, polishing off the potatos, and even eating all the greens. The other members began leaving one by one, until only Glenn and Montblanc remained.

Montblanc picked up his glass and polished it off, though a feeling immediately sat in; he was full. He couldn't remember the last time he was this full in fact, patting his stomach. He looked over and saw that Glenn was finished as well, he looked content but he was looking over at the carts.
"What's the matter? Kupo?" Montblanc asked, wondering why his attention was focused on that.
"There seems to be some food leftover, kupo" He responded, before an idea popped into his head. "I'd hate to see it go to waste...why don't we split it?" He suggested.

Montblanc thought for a moment, he was already full. But Glenn put time and effort into making the food. "Sure, we can split it" he decided, more on the spot than anything.

This brought a warm smile to Glenn's face who had picked up both of their plates and went over to the cart to fill them up before coming back. Doing the same for the drinks in the process, during which Montblanc saw his plate. While not nearly as much as he was given the first time, it was still a bit more than he expected from leftovers. Montblanc began to dig in after Glenn had returned with the two cups full of milk, which raised an eyebrow from the leader.

"You don't drink? Kupo?" he asked, as most of the others had been drinking.

"Unfortunately, I can't really handle the stuff too well, kupo" he replied, a slight frown appeared before it was quickly replaced with a smile.
"This moogle is something else..." Montblanc warmly thought as he continued eating which went past the point of feeling full and into the territory of being stuffed. His stomach just faintly showing underneath his coat. He hoped that no one saw him and how much of a pig he may have looked like eating all that food, still though he enjoyed the food as it was delicious.

Before too long, both had finished. Glenn excused himself as he had to go wash dishes. Gathering their plates and the ones on the cart, Glenn wheeled them back to begin the process of cleaning them all. With a mere hour passing into the night, Glenn took off his apron and made his way out into the main hall. Only to be promptly stopped by Montblanc. "It wouldn't be right to leave you hanging, seeing as how no one has showed you around. Kupo" he stated, Glenn turning around to face the moogle.

"You waited for me to be finished? Kupo" Glenn asked, to which he received a nod. "That's kind of you, I would be lost without a tour. Kupo".
Montblanc motioned over and with the two walking side by side, began showing the new recruit around. He began with the halls, showing Glenn the various wings and areas that the building had. No one was around so for the most part so it was just the two of them. The place grew on the cream colored moogle as he listened and absorbed the information from his clan leader. Eventually with the night carrying on, the two stopped by an empty room.

"This is where you'll be staying, kupo" Montblanc told him, the room having the necessities like a bed and desk.
"Looks pretty snazzy...sorry for keeping you up so late" Glenn said, apologizing to his leader in a casual manner.
"Nothing to be sorry about, just showing you around" Montblanc said before biding Glenn farewell, only to be momentarily stopped by Glenn who appeared to be holding something.

"I...wanted to give you this, for being kind and accepting me into your clan" he told him, who produced a candy bar; a treat.
Montblanc was surprised by the gesture, he would receive things like fancy wines and exotic items from time to time. But this was a first being given as something simple like a candy bar. With that, Glenn bid him goodnight and retreated into his new room. Montblanc was left with the task of getting back to his quarters. While they did lots of walking, he was still very much stuffed. He opened the candy bar and began eating it on the way back, shifting the contents in his stomach unintentionally. Upon arriving he began to prepare for bed while trying to rub his stomach to help sooth it.

"Glenn's a pretty good cook, and a nice friend...though why did he give me bigger portions" he thought aloud albeit quietly, it wasn't too long after that he got into bed and quickly drifted off.

Meanwhile, Glenn went back to the kitchen and retrieved his things that he had nearly forgotten about before heading back to his room. It was a small room, but large enough for a moogle to live in. Getting out of his normal clothes, he climbed into bed where his thoughts turned to his leader. "He's so confident...and he was so nice...I think I know what I should do tomorrow" he thought as he trailed off into slumber.
The following morning, Montblanc woke up early like he usually does, with a yawn and stretch, it had to have been some of the best sleep he had gotten in a while. He wondered around in the halls since he was usually up before everyone else. The tan moogle stopped mid walk when his nose caught the scent of something smokey, Montblanc followed the smell before winding up in the dining room. Making his way to the kitchen, he saw that Glenn was up just as early as he was and wondered why.

"How come you're up so early? Kupo?" He asked the other moogle, who turned around to greet him.

"Oh...morning sir! Kupo!" he greeted his leader in a casual manner before continuing to cook the food. "I had hoped that I would've been able to give you breakfast in bed as appreciation for yesterday. But I can see that the early bird gets the worm, kupo" he added, while the words would've sounded like it was a cause for a frown. Glenn remained upbeat and positive about it, wanting to impress Montblanc.

"That's true, though what are you cooking? Kupo?" he wondered, it did smell rather good and if yesterday was any indication.

"Just a few things, sort of a prep before I serve breakfast to everyone" he responded, who began to put food on a plate.
"Everyone?" Montblanc inquired, Glenn gave a nod "Yeah, seems like word had been spreading so everyone is curious about my cooking, kupo" he ended off on a positive note.

Not wanting to bother him anymore and figure that he would wait. Montblanc returned to the dining area and waited not very long as soon Glenn had come out, breakfast and drink in hand. Alongside a tall glass of orange juice, there was eggs, meat, and even pancakes. Of course there was more than necessary, a small amount of excitement popped into his mind. Sampling everything, he found the pancakes to be light and fluffy, the meat well cooked and crisp, and the eggs seasoned to perfection. It wasn't long before Glenn pulled up next to Montblanc and they began eating and conversing. "I think he'll be plenty good around here" Montblanc thought as he took a sip of his orange juice.

Love on a Plate [Part 1]

Glenn Lazarus

6 August 2015 at 14:48:19 MDT

Montblanc finds himself low on clan members, so a notice is put out that he's recruiting. It so happens that a certain moogle saw the notice and decided to join.

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Literary / Story