Eevee Plush by GlaringKomodo

Eevee Plush


24 November 2016 at 15:41:42 MST

I've been working on this for about two to four weeks. I've been wanting to make an Eevee plush, and it's finally done! I'm so happy with how it came out, and I think this is one of my best plushies to date. I tried something a little different with this one; I got tired of throwing away so much foam, so I shredded it up with scissors and used it as stuffing. My only complaints about how this turned out is that the legs bend and don't stay straight, and the pieces I sewed to the side to give the legs some depth didn't do what I wanted them to do.

The body and the black in the ear is made of anti-pill fleece. I think the tip of the tail is blizzard fleece. The fur is faux fur, and the face was hand-embroidered. Eevee is stuffed with shredded high-density foam (the green, squishy foam).

Eevee and Pokemon (c) Nintendo

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    Yeah, sometimes it's hard to know what a patterns is going to do until it's actually done... But I think it turned out nice! Good work.

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    This is so so incredibly adorable! <3 I am working on sewing plushies too and it is pretty challenging. I don't use a sewing machine yet, just hand stitched but once I figure it on on a machine I might be able to <3 Great job!

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      Thank you so much! Making plushies is challenging but it is very rewarding. Machine sewing is certainly worth learning, it makes things sooo much faster. I prefer sewing smaller things like this by hand since I have more control over the seam allowance. I bring out the sewing machine for bigger projects.