:Freebie: Emma by GlaringFeline

:Freebie: Emma


18 May 2018 at 13:04:33 MDT

So, I heard about the little girl who got bullied at BLFC, so I made a badge of her 'sona. I really love her design and color palette! I'm so happy to see she's getting the support she deserves. Bullying is wrong no matter what, but adults bullying a child is just petty and heartless on a new level.

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    That is so utterly dumb that people would do that. :<

    It’s a very cute badge! :)

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      It is. She was getting bullied by a couple mouse 'suiters because her 'suit wasn't good enough for them iirc. She's certainly getting the last laugh though, some amazing person is even making a 'suit for her. <3

      Thank you! c:

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        You’re most welcome! :D

        I guess I was lucky to only meet nice people at the furry ‘cons I’ve been to! I never met rude or inconsiderate people. I didn’t have a fursuit, just wolf ears and a tail. :)

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    Ahh, I heard about that! Annoys me to the edge.

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      Yeah, it disgusts me people can be that fucking despicable. I hope the asshats that bullied her are permanently banned from surrounding cons, their ilk have no place in this fandom.