Wonder Fruit by GlaringFeline

Wonder Fruit


29 October 2015 at 15:01:01 MDT

This is a fruit I made as part of my species, Spiritseer, mythology.

The wonder fruit is incredibly rare and almost impossible to grow artificially. It must be grown in the same environment as the mother vine, and the seeds are extremely sensitive to changes in the climate. More rain than usual, and the changing of seasons is enough to kill seeds. The Spritseers believe that the handprint mark on the bottom left-hand corner is the handprint of The Divine, their god. Wonder fruits, when eaten, have to power to resurrect the recently deceased. The juice, which Spiritseers call Life Essence, can heal any illness. The seeds can be ground up into a poultice and rubbed into any wound to heal it. Out of the thousands of years that Spiritseers existed, a Wonder Fruit has only been found twelve times.

When the fruit rots, it becomes a poison that makes antifreeze seem like a glass of fine wine. Rotten wonder fruits can be used to heal demons, which is why throughout their history if anything was left it would get burned to moment it shows signs of rotting.

Spiritseers and the Wonder Fruit belongs to me.

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