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Meet my new fursona, Fitz! by GJ Wolf

Meet my new fursona, Fitz!

GJ Wolf

23 March 2015 at 13:45:38 MDT

Finally got around to drawing something after having almost no time to breath! He was just supposed to be a fun doodle, but after I got his line art done, I just loved him! So I decided that he will be another sona for me :3 This is Fitz and he is a coyote! When I get a chance, I will draw the rest of his body too. Not quite sure what his full character is yet, but I think I will make a ref sheet at some point too.

Also, I gotta say, I love photoshop. My original sketch of him had a muzzle that was way too long (like it really look bad). Fixed it in the line art and now it is perfect!!!

Hope you guys like him! Also, it probably goes without saying, but please do not trace/use my line art or use my character's design. I hate to have to put that on pictures, but you know how the internet can be sometimes!

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