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Zootopia's Biggest Resident by Giraffezilla

Zootopia's Biggest Resident


I love it in Zootopia! The food is hot, the deserts are hot, even the gazelles are hot, it's the hottest place to be for a down with the kids momraffe like me.

Having said that you wouldn't BELIEVE how mad people get when you step on their cars, as though everyone can see their toes or something, which I find hard to take in. If my ass causes any more traffic jams then I dunno how I'm gonna pay off all the tickets.

But by far the greatest invention has to be these sticks specifically designed for giraffes to use their phones, I see lil furries using them to take photos of themselves and it's really weird, back in my day we used timers on our iPhone 3, how times have changed.

If you're wondering what I'm talking to Laura about on the phone, she ate someone for calling her fat, again, I can relate.

Artwork © smappa smappa

Colours © rovdyr rovdyr

Character, Lady Kubwa © Giraffezilla Giraffezilla