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Judeca the Creeper by gingerpepp

Judeca the Creeper


19 October 2014 at 21:22:57 MDT

Thanks to horrorshow I've been trying to draw more often, even if it's little stuff like this…

Been wanting to draw some of my older characters and bring them back around. This is Judeca, he is a Black Mamba snake. I've always been fascinated with Black Mambas, they're my favorite snake. Judeca lives up to the reputation these snakes have, and is ornery and quick to anger.

Judeca is a close friend of Shadow, Neema, Eva and Lekura. Judeca and Shadow are almost inseparable and have lived together for most of their lives. In a totally platonic way, as Shadow's a raging lesbian. Judeca has pretty much lost his mind from all the drugs he's done. He's always aloof and busy being a space cadet. Unlike some of my other characters Judeca hasn't become numb to drugs, he's still the same psychotic person, finding new ways to mix new things to reach new limits.

He's a dick and loves sex. Male, female, trans, whatever he doesn't care he just likes to fuck. Drugs and sex are his life. But unlike Dimitri, Judeca has a soul. He has a kind heart underneath those layers of insanity drugs have driven his mind to.

And he does live up to the black mamba species. He has killed before and will, at times, go hunting in the woods for prey. Or if you happen to cross him… well.. you might be his next meal. After all, his venom is one of the most powerful in the world.

YAY SNAKES I LOVE SNAKES ….and APC which I ripped off for his first AND last name.

I hope he really looks like a snake ; ;

Judeca + Art © JGF 2014

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    Well, he can't be that bad of a creeper?