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Cast of Characters by gingerpepp

Cast of Characters


21 June 2014 at 11:47:15 MDT

This has forever, and will always be, one of my most favorite things anyone has ever drawn for me! This was an incredible gift from my good friend savannahhorrocks!!
This is featuring all of my main characters (minus Eva and Lekura who weren't in the "main cast" back then) all on one page! I just love how she captured each of their personalities so accurately in only a headshot.

This is from 2005, back when I had red hairs and rocked my blue sunglasses yo. And some of these characters have changed ever so slightly with their designs but this remains one of the most accurate images of all of them that is out there.

And if anyone would like to know anything about someone let me know I love talking character things! :3

Art © savannahhorrocks
Characters © JGF

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    oh man, I came across this looking at old art recently and put it in a folder so I could send it to you BUT CLEARLY UNNECESSARY XD

    I'm so glad you still dig this <:D <3

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      Oh girl you got no idea how much I still love this!! It is still seriously my favorite picture anyone's ever made for me and I mean that. You captured all of my babies so perfectly ; ; I have been going through old art a lot lately and there is SO MUCH by you it blows me away, especially all the old beautiful Anima pictures! I can't thank you enough for all you've made me over the years. I wanna draw you something new sometime soon now that my art isn't quite as crappy as it used to be. So much love!! (also, are you still on FB? if you are you should so add me)

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        ANIMA <3 and aw gosh don't be mean to your own art sweetie <3 as long as you have fun making it and people like looking at it (HINT THEY DO) it's not crappy 8P and I'm not on facebook, I LOAAATHE facebook 8l sorry!