Can't keep a good dog down by gingerpepp

Can't keep a good dog down


28 September 2015 at 12:03:01 MDT

Especially when you're surrounded by two obnoxious herding dogs. <3

A little doodle/gift for my love horrorshow who has been going through a challenging time right now. But she's stronger than she thinks and when she ever has any doubt I'm here to remind her <3 So is Lullaby, being her personal guardian and all. Now I'm having images of Lullaby as a buff body guard.. pffft ;p

Serious tiny little marker doodle, so I know there are lots of flaws but I wanted to get it done fast, I hope you like Laura! I love you to the ends of the universe through a super massive blackhole into a parallel universe and back!! <33333

Crow © horrorshow
SW, Lullaby and Art © JGF 2015