Catch Me If You Can by GingerM (critique requested)

Catch Me If You Can (critique requested)


9 October 2012 at 22:56:38 MDT

(Originally posted March 10th, 2012 on FurAffinity -

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Here's Nike again, this time in modern RCAF grey-over-grey paint. She still has her winged sword emblems, and she's retained the wing outlines that were black in her old paint scheme. She may be older than the CF-18s following her, but she's still got game and she's going for altitude.

Art (c) 2012 GingerM

For submissions here on Weasyl, I intend to open my own work to critique generally. If you do critique this piece (as opposed to commenting) please make it actual critique, not statements of personal taste. Thank you.


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    When not anthro'd, you draw great planes. Keep it up.

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      Thank you! I'm afraid it's pretty much limited to the Avro Arrow, though. Brace yourself; there will likely be more aeromorph images to come, though probably not in the style of the pin-up. At the minimum, there will be another one of Nike in modern-day RCAF uniform, probably a formal portait-type image.