Wild Draenei by GingerM

Wild Draenei


31 October 2015 at 23:39:35 MDT

I finally did it... sat down and put together a draenei character, in Second Life. As my followers know, I have a habit of prototyping characters there until I can get actual artwork of them done. So here is Nyara'a vel Rapala, tastefully almost-attired in leather and furs. As always, much credits to others for the stuff they've made, though a lot of this I did myself, too. Mature because bewbs.

My work:
Skin texture on body and prim attachments except hair
Home-made fur texture on all fur pieces
Home-made metal texture on all the buckles (there were a LOT of them)
Hammered-copper texture for shoulder pauldron - thank heavens for texture generator plug-ins :)
Naaru sigil above her head
Face tentacles & gold bands
Tail & gold bands
forehead ridges - which you can't see now because I chose the hairdo after... could have saved myself a couple of hours of frustration right there.
Bought items:
Maitreya Lara mesh body, re-textured by me
Titania satyr legs and horns, re-textured by me - legs modded/re-built to work with mesh body as they were intended for original SL body
(N.A.M.E.) White leather and fur outfit - everything except white leather re-textured by me; all leg pieces modded / re-built to work with Titania legs as they were meant for human legs.
eXxEsS Lora mesh hair
Ikon Immortal eyes (I tried to make my own glowy draenei eyes, but it just wasn't going to happen and I gave up)
Beast Forest, with home-made foggy sunset lighting setting
All postwork in Corel Paintshop Pro X4 - signature; torn paper edge & drop shadow; HSL to intensify shadows; fade, blur and glow centered on figure. Also used Corel and plugins to modify or make textures used to re-texture the figure & clothing.
Image © 2015 by GingerM GingerM
Character of Nyara'a vel Rapala belongs to GingerM GingerM
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