Morning, Tommy by gingatokkyu

Morning, Tommy


11 March 2015 at 20:13:35 MDT

5.50, first day on the job. Our tarantula wolf guy seems not too excited, eh?

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    Spider hybrids are the best kind.
    I rather like the way you tackled all those hands and gave them something to do.

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      Yeah, most multilimbs-related picture I've seen so far never give his/her extra hands something to do. Just being there, idling, doing nothing at all.

      as for spider hybrids, I'm too afraid to draw pure anthro spiders

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        Yeah, I'm guilty of that too. Sometimes it's hard to give them all jobs.

        But there are so many cool ones. There bright purple tarantulas, and golden orbweavers have silk that actually looks like gold.

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          understandable. Since people often draw multilimbed characters holding standard weapons, like spears or swords, they never draw them in, say, mundane activities.

          Well, what can I say? Arachnophobia

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            That's a shame. You're missing out on so many wonderful creatures. But luckily it's easy to fix! The more you learn about spiders the less frightening they are. Dogs are much more scary than spiders- dogs actually will try to kill you, spiders are just trying to tell the giant to get off them when they bite.

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              well, at least I know that the bigger means harmless. Like Goliath which only eat smaller creature like worms. But still, they're just generally being scary-looking creature. Oh and I'm not too fond with dogs, I'm more into felines.

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                Well, Goliaths can eat small mice, lizards, or really anything half their size, but they are also big gentle sweethearts with velvet bodies. The only spider one has to worry about is the OBT (orange baboon tarantula, but nicknamed orange bitey thing), because I swear they just hate everyone and everything.
                Spiders are a lot like cats. My T likes to be brushed and pampered like a cat.

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                  Ahh, you have a tarantula, I see... -shudder- I guess I just dislike their face and mandibles and those wriggly things around their mouth... But somehow I like them if they turned into big, muscular spider taur.