Josephine by GinaE



15 April 2017 at 15:44:36 MDT

Or you can just call her "Jo".

New character!.... Uhhh, so, she’s gonna be a NSFW character. She likes doing Pin-Up modeling and does Cam Girl stuff on the side.
She’s 26 and likes Boys and Girls.

She smokes, and she’s my only character with D breasts.

She’s very easygoing, if she’s not naked or wearing lingerie, she wears comfy pajama clothes. She’s sexually confident, and she likes being the one instigating things, but she also switches from a dom to sub role.

Jo’s hair doesn’t function realistically, it’s either covering both eyes, or just one eye. It’s rare to see both eyes at the same time.

Her Fursona is a sheep.