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[Serafins] Species Information Sheet by Gig

[Serafins] Species Information Sheet


Reposting this here! If the file isn't showing up well here's a link to the original post:

Quick Info:
Born from the union of ancient beings of the sky and sea, Serafins were formed in fond memory of a meeting that could not last. As the fish dances to the bird's song, two otherwise divided beings bonded in their love for the other's art. In their parting act, the two created the first Serafin as a relic of their fleeting, yet meaningful encounter.

As the result of the momentary merging of the sky and sea, Serafins feature avian and aquatic traits, and are able to traverse both the sea and the land on which the creatures of the sky rest.

Finally ready to announce a species I've been developing 0 !! Previews of this were shown on my new art twitter, but here's the full completed sheet! This took an ungodly amount of time to complete, but oh gosh I'm so excited to get these out weeps

I made an accidental pun some time ago and since I Really Like birds and fish these children happened qwq)7 Really wanted to make a flexible species to make designing them more fun!
Once I'm a bit more caught up with commission and owed work I'm hoping to get an adoptable batch of these out! The past week has been super hectic with moving,, packing and unloading piles of boxes was super exhausting +□+;;

Hopefully this sheet covers everything! Please feel free to ask any questions if you have any, I'd be more than happy to answer anything I may have missed! ovo

Thank you masolulu @ DA for lore help!!

Serafins are a closed species, please do not make your own.

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