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Hitting a low point by Ghostbear

Hitting a low point


23 March 2015 at 16:55:02 MDT

Sascha was sitting in the Spectre's hideout over a mug of strong coffee and was staring into the screen of his wrist comp. It was late at night with his friends already asleep, but the strong, bitter liquid kept him going. That and the message he just got on screen.
"Shit. No. Fuck!" His outburst sent the empty coffee cup flying, shattering it on the floor.
"What's wrong?" The voice behind him belonged to his Second-in-command and best friend, Daniel aka Cobalt. The red-tabby was dressed in some shorts and an oversized, worn-out hoodie and his bright green hair was messy. "Problems?"
"Yeah, you could say that. Get us another coffee, we need to talk."
With a stiffled yawn the feline staggered off to the coffee maker, while Sascha scooped up the broken fragments of the mug.
Only a minute later both freelancers were back at the table.
"Okay, what's up, Sascha?"
"Remember that Hong Kong job with the Silver Stars?"
"Yeah I do. Argent and his mercenaries. They did a good job."
"And now he‘s dead. They couldn't get to us, but BioResearch tracked them down eventually, kicked in the the doors and killed Argent, Sky, Finish and Blue. All the high ranking Silver Stars."
Daniel's ears folded down"Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. I know you two were friends."
"Yeah..." Sascha had to breathe in and out a few times before he continued. "And you know what is worse? After BR whooped their asses their leader walked up to the remaining Silvers and offered them a deal. And they accepted. Roland took over as the leader of the Stars."
"Roland? Shit. He didn't even like us back then."
"I think we can safely say that the Silver Stars aren't our friends anymore. They probably now have the order to kill us and Roland will be happy to comply."
"Fuck. Are they a threat?"
"If you mean "Can they kill us?" then no. Argent and Sky were solid tacticians, I can't say the same for Roland. And they are weakened. At least for now. But they can seriously hurt our reputation. If they have time to spread lies about us, tell everybody that we betrayed them, killed Argent and that they are now afraid of us, imagine what that might look like. And if they go after us and we kill them..."
"...we are the bad guys. Damn. Looks like BR really likes to mess with us. What can we do?"
"What we have to, Daniel. What we have to. We wipe them out, before they have time to start their campaign." Sascha closed his eyes and his voice was sad. Cobalt could only guess how painful it was for his friend and superior to give his orders now. The usually fierce and cold Freelancer looked so miserable, so young. Not like the highly trained, augmented commando, but like the broken teenager he was inside. Against better judgement, Daniel got up, walked over to Sascha and just held the ursine in a firm hug. He felt his friend tense up when he touched him, like he always did, trying to maintain a distance.... but only a second later Sascha went limp again.
"So much death, Dan. So much senseless death. And now we even have to turn against our former allies and friends. Look what this world has made of us..." A few tears ran down his cheek, leaving telltale dark marks on his fur and he hoped his friend wouldn't notice. Holding the embrace a couple of minutes longer, the red-tabby finally let go of his friend.
"I'll wake the others. We better move quickly."

One of the not so happy picture. Like about always, when I commission something for my grown-up fursona.
And here he is. One of those rare moments of weakness. Those moments when his augmented commando self starts to crumble and his real age begins to show. The teenager he should never be, confronted with the terrible decisions he has to make everyday.
Good thing his best friend and second-in-command was here to catch him this time.

More or less a follow up to this one:

An awesome work by  toddlergirl toddlergirl
She really did a great job and I really like the new drawing style she used for this picture.
And she captured the emotions very well.
Thaaaank you very much ^_^

Daniel "Cobalt" Cole & Sascha "Ghostbear" Jeretik are mine :3