Trust me, I'm an engineer! by Ghostbear

Trust me, I'm an engineer!


23 March 2015 at 15:19:57 MDT

It was one of the last warm days of summer, when Kuraiko and his brother Sascha went out for a another adventure. On their trips outside they discovered a nice little streamlet within a big clearing, completely covered in lush green grass and soft moss. Today the cubs planned to make use of the sunny day and build a big dam. Packing a big backpack with drinks, snacks and sweets their step parents provided the pair set off.
As always their plushie friends Minoru and Sammy went with them. Not inside the crammed back pack of course, but safely tucked away under their arms.
After a while Sascha and Kurai arrived at their destination. Taking a few sips from their sippy cups and a couple of bites from their packed lunch they got ready for 'work'. Stripping off their pants they waded into the stream, which was already surprisingly chilly. That didn't stop the energetic cubs for long, tho. Quickly they gathered building materials, stones, logs, smaller branches and moss for their dam and began stacking it up with their pacifiers firmly in their muzzles.
Their plush companions supervised their building operations from a save spot away from the water.
But despite their best affords their dam began to give away a bit at one spot.
Kuraiko noticed the problem first.
"Uhoh... we need to patch up that hole here and fast. Or our dam will break." The small stick he was currently holding in his paws wasn't really the right thing for repairs.
"I got it, I got it." the little ursine mumbled around his paci, snatched up a bigger stick and sprinted towards their construction.
Trying to break however didn't work out as planned, when Sascha suddenly slipped on an algae covered stone and started to fall, sending both the stick and his pacifier flying.
"Watch out!!" Kurai reached out with his paw to catch his brother and stop him from falling, but he wasn't close enough. Even his feline reflexes didn't help.
With a loud "EEEP!" the little bear hybrid splashed into the water, falling down on his backside.
He eeped even louder, when was fully sitting on the ground, with the cold water of the streamlet entering his thick padding.
"Cooooooooooold!" he yelped.
On the grass Sammy and Minoru seemed to snicker at the scene and Sascha's mishap.

Another masterpiece, done by the highly talented and super friendly   dulcis.
All those tiny little details, complex background and such an adorable and funny scene of both our cubs, playing in the water.
Amazing... again :3
Thank you so very much! I'm absolutely sure, that this wasn't the last picture we commissioned from you. And yes, that's a threat! :P

And I have to admit … that really could have been me in real life. There wasn't a streamlet, river, pond or .. well.. any kind of water that I didn't manage to fall in.
My parents learned the hard way that they should always carry a spare set of clothes. XD

  • Long tailed, long eared confused looking black tiger-caracal-snowmeow kitty and white tiger plush © by kuraiko
  • Clumsy, squishy bear-lynx hybrid cubby and long-tailed lynx plushie © by myself
  • Art by   dulcis