*splash, splash* Jumping into all the puddles! by Ghostbear

*splash, splash* Jumping into all the puddles!


23 March 2015 at 14:19:08 MDT

With a pure shout of joy the little bear hybrid jumped into the muddiest, deepest und biggest puddle he could find. Cold muddy water splashed up and soaked his paws and the legs of his overalls.
It had been raining all the days and he had not been allowed outside. As soon as the rain stopped with begged his step parents until they finally agreed and dressed their little one into some comfy overalls and a raincoat. And of course Sammy had to go with him
While Sascha was jumping up and down in childlike delight and innocence he smiled at his plushy companion. The stuffed lynx had retreated out of the danger zone and was sitting on Sascha's yellow rain coat, so he didn't get wet.
"Oh come on, Sammy. It's just water. It will be fun!"
Sammy seemed to disagree. Felines and hydrophobia.
Oh well :3

What a wonderful picture.
When I was a kid I loved playing outside after the rain. In fact I always loved water. Playing and splashing around, getting so wet and soaked.
I'm glad my parents did not really mind. Or at least they did not mind toooo much. ^^''
This awesome work was done by the highly talented and very nice and friendly  dulcis
Thank you very much, I really love it. Brings back memories. :)


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    As a tiger I like to play in the water.

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      Most kids do like water :3 And to get wet and dirty in the process of playing ;)