Kitchen chaos by Ghostbear

Kitchen chaos


23 March 2015 at 14:07:25 MDT

With his parents away Sascha was working in the kitchen. Not that he was supposed to do that, but he was very sure he could manage it.
Besides, he had such a craving for some bubble tea. Or to be more exact, some black milk tea with taro flavor and thick, black, chewy tapioca bobas.
When he was finished the little bear took a sip ... and it was perfect.
The tea sweet and not too strong, with a good deal of taro flavor (he took a bit more of the purple powder than usual) and the black balls of chewy awesomeness had just the right texture.
"See Sammy?" he beamed at his plush lynx sitting on a chair. "I told you I can handle it. That wasn't too hard. Who is a little cubby now, hm?"
His favorite plush and partner-in-crime did not look so convinced and seemed to shake his head at the state of the kitchen and Sascha's padded looking overalls.
And oh boy the little bear hybrid sure turned it into a big mess. Tapioka balls rolling around on the floor and the table, the pot on the stove had overboiled wuite a bit and was still bubbling with another round of bobas.
Purple Taro powder was literally everywhere... on the floor, on the walls and the furniture. Even Sascha's overalls got their fair share of sticky power.
Blushing he took another sip of his bubble tea.
"Oh.. Oops. I'll just clean it up, after I finished my drink. Nobody will ever notice."

I have to admit, I like Sascha to get into trouble in an adorable, innocent and playful way. He never means any harm, he's just a clumsy little bear cub with a talent for turning situations into a mess. That usually doesn't save him from trouble, but his child-like innocence and naivete of youth makes it hard to stay mad at him for long.
A really, really awesome work, done by the very talented and ever friendly nathahniel nathahniel. His unique drawing style just adds to the overall cuteness and level of pure child-like innocence of his picture. Please yay him for that. :3
And thank you very much, Nat!